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Current Bestsellers from Maplin Electronics

Below are the current bestsellers at Maplin Electronics:

Ion USB Turntable only £49.99
The stylish new ION Contour LP USB Turntable lets you bring your old vinyl records and tapes into the 21st Century. ION Contour LP is a music-conversion system that transfers your vinyl records to MP3 to your Mac or PC.
Order Code: N23HH

9-Inch Portable DVD with Digital TV and Swivel Screen only £129.99
Keep yourself entertained watching your favourite films, just about anytime you want to with the Portable DVD Player. A stylish gizmo, this 9-inch DVD and Digital TV Player comes with a smart screen that rotates up to 270 degrees, giving you the choice of viewing movies from any position you fancy - from tablet-style to flat or vertical and horizontal mode.
Order Code: A10HJ

1TB Seagate Ex HDD only £69.99
In today's multimedia world, we need storage for images, video, documents, and music. This 1TB external hard drive will ensure that you'll have enough storage space long into the future - even with the advent of HD films and television. .
Order Code: A51JK

Compact Film Scanner only £49.99
Don’t let memories of memorable occasions remain a thing of the past, simply because your B&W and colour negatives and slides are gathering dust in the attic! Relieve those joyous times with the compact and portable Film to PC Scanner from Maplin.
Order Code: A29JN
was £69.99 - SAVE £20

Windows CE Ultra-Portable Netbook only £99.99
Whilst there may be hugely powerful laptops out there - you could be paying way over the odds for a lot of functionality that you will never benefit from. This lightweight, low-cost laptop does exactly as it says. There are very few if any laptops that match this Netbook for value.
Order Code: A68JJ
was: £109.99 - SAVE £10

ION USB tape express only £39.99
Rediscover those old songs with ION Tape Express by turning your tapes into MP3s to use on your computer, iPod or in the car! ION Tape Express is a portable, handheld USB tape player that works with all kinds of tapes. It has an easy-to-use USB connection for converting the music on your tapes into MP3 files.
Order Code: N05HH
was: £49.99 - SAVE £10

250GB Network DVR with DVD-RW Backup + 4 Security Cameras only £299.99
This 4 Channel Network DVR kit is one great product from Sentient, the experts on CCTV products. With this kit, you can record all 4 cameras located around your office, home, premises, etc and you can back up the recordings easily using the DVD Rewriter or USB. It offers a user-friendly graphics interface with mouse control.
Order Code: N63HH
was £399.99 - SAVE £100

500GB Seagate External Desktop Drive only £49.99
A Sleek designed storage solution for all your photos, music, videos and documents with a massive 500GB of external instant add on storage.Plug n Play - no software to install.
Order Code: A67JK

Handheld Video Optic Inspection Tool with LCD Display only £99.99
Inspect the insides of your car bonnet. Check the contents of the loft without climbing up and breathing in the dust. Check down the cavity of a wall. The mind boggles at the amount applications and convert operations you could achieve with this device! The ideal device for checking hard to access areas and troubleshooting equipment.
Order Code: N58HH

UBISurfer Netbook with 1 Year Free Internet Access only £139.99
Netbooks have increased in popularity in recent months due to their portability and functionality: combining the qualities of a palmtop and laptop. This netbook also comes with Vodafone allowing you to surf the web anywhere with Vodafone coverage.
Order Code: A37JK
was £149.99 - SAVE £10

7-Inch Digital Analogue TV with USB/SD only £79.99
This compact portable TV maybe small in size but packs in many features to rival the bigger screen sizes. The TV can receive both Freeview digital and standard terrestrial channels, stores 1000 channels and has a 7-day Electronic Programme Guide. You can even use it with your home CCTV system or take it with you on that road trip through Europe.
Order Code: A00JQ
was £99.99 - SAVE £20

Full HD 1080p Camcorder with HDMI output and Touch Screen only £149.99
A full HD 1080p recording camcorder with a large 3.0 inch Touch screen display for easy viewing of videos and images.
Order Code: A31JN
was £199.99 - SAVE £50

DECT Wireless Phone Line Extender only £39.99
Don't have a phone socket where you want it? Now you don't have to get the professionals in and pay those high costs. Just simply add the device to any electrical socket to create an extension to your telephone line.
Order Code: A82FY
was £49.99 - SAVE £10

Film to Memory Card Scanner only £79.99
Life before digital camera was cumbersome, but it can be reversed! This Film and Slide Digital Scanner scans your old photo negatives and slides, and converts them to digital images to be stored and shared easily. Save it in the system or even upload it onto the Web.
Order Code: N52GR
was £99.99 - SAVE £20

320GB Seagate External Portable Drive only £49.99
A sleek designed storage solution for all your photos, music, videos and documents with 320GB of instant portable add on storage. Powered via the USB cable.
Order Code: A69JK

Plasma ball only £9.99
An 200mm (8in) plasma ball which produces streaks of lightning that reacts to your touch. Supplied with plug in mains adaptor.
Order Code: L83AN
was £19.99 - SAVE £10

1.5TB Verbatim EXT HD only £89.99
The Verbatim external hard drive provides high capacity storage back up for all file types offering high performance and reliability to both the professional and home user. Store thousands of digital photos, videos, music and other electronic files. Powered by a SATA hi-speed hard drive, the external hard drive races through the most demanding audio/video applications.
Order Code: A57JQ

USB Digital Microscope with 400x Magnification only £49.99
Discover the microscopic world via your PC/Laptop. Multiple uses - education, science and industry to the hobbyist and just for fun.
Order Code: N43HH
was £79.99 - SAVE £30

60W Solar Power Kit only £199.99
A solar generator kit to power your applications using sunlight with no extra running costs. Turns natural sunlight into electricity and charges any 12V deep cycle batteries.
Order Code: N23FY

Flight case with foam only £14.99
You wouldn’t want your valuable tools and equipment to bear the brunt of damage during transit, would you? Then you need to invest in Maplin’s tough and rugged flight case equipped with foam.
Order Code: N70AP
was £29.99 - SAVE £15

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