Friday, 5 March 2010

Lady Gaga Back on Jonathon Ross

So, new pop sensation Lady Gaga was back on Jonathon Ross this Friday, this time wearing a telephone on her head. Well, it was actually a special creation from milliner Philip Treacy. Gaga explained that she had asked him to make the hat for her, so that she would be able to talk to Ross through the phone in case he wasn't nice to her. It's probably true to say that a previous Gaga appearance on the show, when she appeared with a tea cup, was a bit awkward. Apparently Ross took that teacup home, so he'd bought her one back this time.

Lady Gaga told us how she has led a glamourous, art centric life in New York, but she doesn't currently have a house because she's always on the road. Despite her immense success, with her album going diamond (which as Ross confirmed is better than platinum), Gaga feels she's an outcast from the music industry, and says she doesn't have any friends in music industry, only in the fashion industry, where her unique extrovert style has been welcomed with open arms.

Other things we found out about Gaga are that she's not a fan of the slanket (a blanket with sleeves for chilling on the sofa, available from Firebox if you want one), there's no Lord Gaga as she's always too busy and thinks no-one will put up with her craziness, she feels detached from the celebrity world, and didn't speak to anyone at the Brits. We also learnt that when Gaga met the Queen at the Royal Variety performance, the Queen said to her, "That's a very big piano that you have", (the piano she used was suspended above the stage and had giant space alien-like legs).

Lady Gaga also said she would like to work with David Bowie, but she doesn't really like to talk about her own pop idols.

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