Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Even faster broadband speed from Be Broadband

Be Broadband has recently completed a successful first trial to double the speed of their existing broadband service to almost 50Mb. Be Broadband already offers fast broadband at up to 24Mb, but has been testing a new broadband technology in London that can 'bond' two high-speed connections together to double customers' current speed.

The initial trial ran across the central London Paddington exchange. Feedback reported real-world download speeds of between 30Mb and 45Mb. This is the equivalent of 3 to 4.5MB per second, or the size of the average MP3 file. Wider trials of the service are planned through 2009.

Felix Geyr, Managing Director of Be Broadband, said "We want to push the limits of high speed broadband. We already offer the fastest possible broadband on an ADSL line, but we want to take it a step further. If you want broadband around the 50Mb mark but don't want to go the cable route, Be wants to offer you a real alternative."

Earlier this week Virgin Broadband announced that it will be rolling out faster broadband services through to summer 2009. However, these services will only be available in Virgin cable areas. Non-cable customers would be required to have their current phone line converted to use the service. Be Broadband's trials will allow customers to get cable-equivalent speeds through standard BT phone lines and the service will be one of the fastest ADSL broadband services available when it goes live.

Visit Be Broadband and find out more about fast broadband in the UK.

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