Friday, 23 January 2009

Jonathon Ross Back on Our Screens

This Friday saw the welcome return of Jonathon Ross to our screens.  Friday nights haven't been quite the same without him.  Opening the show with "So, where were we?" the comedian made an apology for the Andrew Sachs affair and was then joined by guests Lee Evans, Steven Fry and Tom Cruise.  Fry has a new BBC Series coming up about animals on the brink of extinction, and we learnt that both he and Ross like to Twitter (microblogging in case you haven't heard of it).  Star of the show of course, was Cruise, who has a new film coming out, Valkyrie, about the 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler.  Cruise plays Claus von Stauffenberg who led the assassination attempt.  Cruise told Ross how he had received a standing ovation for the film when it was shown in Berlin, and we also learnt that Cruise has a deep interest in World War II ... oh, and the other thing we learnt ... that Jonathon Ross has a vibrating platform at home to help him keep fit!  Welcome back Jonathon, we've missed you.     

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