Friday, 23 July 2010

Broadband Speed Tips from Be Broadband

Fast broadband specialists BE Broadband, the UK's first provider of ADSL2+, has created a series of how-to guides under the title "Matt's House", based on feedback from its customers to explain how to improve the speed of any UK broadband connection. The guides cover 3 key areas that can be tweaked without technical expertise to improve broadband speeds within a home or business: router setup, internal home wiring and use of the master socket.

Many home broadband providers advertise high speeds which are then slowed down by traffic shaping and throttling. BE is the only UK broadband provider to have consistently offered unlimited downloads and does not shape or throttle its customers broadband usage.

Inspiration for the guides came from BE’s Forum Manager Matt, who also stars in the video editions. Based on customer queries in the provider's online support forum, he asked for more interesting way to show members how simple tweaks can dramatically improve the speed of a broadband connection.

View the BE how-to guides now or checkout the home broadband marketplace.

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