Monday, 26 July 2010

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on Top Gear

Top Gear had two of the the world's biggest film stars competing in their "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" feature last night, none other than Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Both stars proved themselves to be excellent drivers and recorded the top two times in the series so far. This might be expected of Mr Cruise, who is a well known petrolhead and has a passion for cars and motorbikes. He he even has a cutting edge Italian motorbike that was built to fit him like a suit, matching his height, weight and riding style. However, viewers might have been more surprised by the performance of Miss Diaz, whose daily driver is a Toyota Prius, which sits well with her interest in protecting the environment. However, judging by her performance on the programme, where she raced around the track on tight racing lines, Miss Diaz must have some experience in driving in a less planet-friendly style. She was even performing doughnuts for Jeremy Clarkson. In the end though it was Tom who set the better laptime, and you could tell he was really going for it, as he bounced over the kerb on the last corner and nearly rolled the car. He managed to beat Miss Diaz by a full second, recording a laptime of 1:44.2 compared to her 1:45.2.

Cruise and Diaz were in the UK to promote their new film Knight and Day.

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