Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mark Webber wins the German Grand Prix

Congratulations go to Australian Mark Webber, who after 8 years in Formula One has taken his first victory at the Nurburgring in Germany. Up to now, Webber has had some difficult times in F1, and he sounded ecstatic over the car radio to have won the race. He has gone from a nearly man to a really man, and his dad Alan Webber was there at the finish line to celebrate his win.

Mark Webber has previously driven for Minardi, Jaguar, Williams and currently drives for the Red Bull F1 Team, and it was a one two today for Red Bull, with Sebastian Vettel finishing second. Third place was taken by Massa of Ferrari, fourth by Nico Rosberg of Williams.

Mark Webber becomes the third Australian to win a Grand Prix after Brabham and Jones. Well done Mark!

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