Thursday, 2 July 2009

Peter Andre on The Chris Moyles Show Fri 2nd July 2009

Peter Andre will be on the Chris Moyles Show on the morning of Friday 2nd July 2009. We know from watching "Katie & Peter Stateside" that Peter has been working really hard on a new album, and hopefully we will get to hear more of it on the Show. There were a couple of tracks played on the TV Series, with coverage from the American Studio (in LA if memory serves) where he made the album. We thought one of the tracks was really good so we're looking forward to any plays that Mr Moyles makes. Let's hope all of Pete's hard work is rewarded.

Radio One Chris Moyles Show - for pictures, video and listen again links for the Peter Andre video. Love the videos!

Listen to the Show on BBC iPlayer (Link valid for the next 7 days only)

Peter Andre Official Site

Peter Andre on Twitter

Peter Andre on Myspace

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