Thursday, 27 August 2009

Get Organised with New Home Office Furniture

Leading online furniture retailer PineSolutions has some tips on how new home office furniture can help you get on top of things:

A home office can be a calm, relaxing and professional place to organise the running of your home and life, or if you work from home, a comfortable and efficient way to pursue your career. But too often, a home office environment becomes a dumping ground for clutter that you can’t find a space for elsewhere in the house, leaving you frustrated and unable to concentrate. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your office is kept organised, and with a few extra storage pieces, you’ll find that you can win the battle with your clutter and let efficiency and cool professionalism win the day.

The first thing to do is to organise all that clutter, so make sure you search for some innovative storage solutions. Shelves make great storage, but if they are used to store all your family’s clutter, they can just as easily look messy and disorganised. A chest of drawers, or a sideboard are both brilliant ways to keep everything both organised and out of sight, letting you concentrate on your work. You could also bring in a linen chest to be used to store your family’s winter coats, or as a handy place to keep your children’s errant toys in case they are threatening to take over the room.

If it’s not just clutter from the rest of the house, but also your bills or work related stuff that is causing you to have a problem, you may also want to think about replacing your office furniture with pieces that truly meet your needs. Try investing in a double pedestal desk to gain extra drawer space, and also think about bringing in some filing cabinets. When you hear the words ‘filing cabinet’ you may picture the drab metal cabinets from uninspiring office buildings, but there are some truly elegant options available in solid wood, so that you can pick a whole matching set of office furniture, filled with spacious storage, so that you can truly reclaim your space.

So be bold and take your clutter in hand, and let your imagination take flight as you search for pieces for your home office. A home office can be so much more than a work space – if it is properly styled it can become a truly inspiring place where you can achieve your goals.

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