Saturday, 22 August 2009

Hooray, the X-Factor Is Back!

One sign that the summer is coming to an end is that decent Saturday night TV makes a return. If like us, you are massive fans of the X-Factor, at last your Saturday nights have meaning again. The judging panel consists of Louis Walsh, Danni Minogue, Cheryl Cole and of course, Mr X-Factor himself, Simon Cowell. At the beginning of the show Simon was shown taking his chauffeur driven car for the 20 metres or so from his hotel to the audition venue, he claimed he didn't know the hotel was so close by ... anyway, we've just got time for a very brief review of the first show, and some of the contestants:

Stacey, Essex girl from Dagenham, incredible voice.

Katy Bullock, 17, rides motorbikes, auditioned in a motorbike suit. Good singer with nice tone, should be popular.

Joseph McElderry, Student, 18. This boy has a glint in the eye and will melt girls' hearts. Potential superstar, Louis thought he had it all, future popstar.

Kyle from Scotland, put Simon straight on what song he wanted to sing, Untouchable by Girls Aloud, but unfortunately sang it like a strangled cat.

Twins John and Edward from Dublin, cocky attitude, big hair, have an eye for the ladies, their performance was stopped by Simon. Simon said No (but he turned down Take That remember). For us it would be yes, girls will love them, the twin factor helps. We think they went through but we can't remember ...

26, Laura White, receptionist. Sang "I will always love you", has a big voice.

Roy Robson, Plasterer, 25, Sang that song that goes "Maybe one day I'll find you on the corner of the street", which we think is by Irish band The Script. Very solid performer who can probably sell records.

Wayne, soulful voice, had been on a previous X-Factor, but didn't get through boot camp. Simon didn't like his song choice and asked him to sing another, went through with 4 Yeses.

Teacher Daniel Johnson, sang "Get by with a little help from my friends". Performance had a lot of energy. Soulful voice. Quite the performer. Simon said, "That was, single handedly, the best first audition I've ever heard." We agree, it was a very good performance.

There were other good performers which we haven't had time to mention .... until next week ...

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