Saturday, 22 August 2009

Watch the First Episode X-Factor Auditions Again

You can watch the key auditions from the first episode of the X-Factor at the ITV website:

The Dreamgirls from Lithuania - Based on their singing ability, this is a slight misnomer.

Stacey - Talks like an Essex Bird, sings like an angel.

Sister Act - One of the contestants was returning for another X-Factor audition along with her sister this time, Cheryl didn't feel much had improved, got 4 no's.

Joseph - From South Shields, sang a Luther Vandross song, the ladies will love him, he's got it, future popstar.

Danyl - 27 year old teacher blows the crowd away. Probably won't be a teacher for much longer, if he used to be in the school plays, they won't be as good anymore ...

Duane Lamonte - Got as far as Boot Camp last year, clearly talented, will he get further this year?

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