Friday, 21 August 2009

New Harry Potter Toys now at Hamleys

All these Harry Potter Toys are available from Hamleys.

Hermione Granger's Wand from the Harry Potter Toys Collection

The Noble Collection Harry Potter's WandA wand that became almost as infamous as Harry himself, it was constructed out of holly with a phoenix tail feather core. A brother to Voldmort's wand, it was destined to play an integral role in the war against the Dark Lord.
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Harry Potter, The Prophecy
From Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix who can forget the eerie prophecy that sealed Harry's fate and that of his parents before he was even born.
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Harry Potter - Locket from the Cave
This attractive, amber coloured locket is encased in an attractive black collector's display case. Contains a hidden parchment note written to Voldemort by Regulus Black. The perfect treasure for fans of the the epic movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
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For even more great Harry Potter products check out the Noble Collection at Hamleys and get ready for a Harry Potter Christmas! It includes:

The Broomstick Bookmark

Order of The Phoenix Bookmark

Dumbledore's Wand

Hermione Granger's Wand

Voldemort's Illuminating Wand

Hermione Granger's Illuminating Wand

Harry Potter's Illuminating Wand

Hogwarts House Pins

Harry Potter's Levitating Wand Pen

Gringott's Bank 3 Coin Box

Sirius Black's Wand

Voldemort's Wand

Harry Potter - Marauder's Map

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