Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Home Styling Tips - Seaside Tranquility

We bring you home styling tips in association with PineSolutions, the online furniture specialists:

There is just something so relaxing about going to the coast. Visions of blues, greens and browns, stripes and dimly lit walkways quickly enter our minds. We hear the soothing sounds of waves crashing against rocks, seagulls flying overhead and the toots of tug boats by the pier. Decorate your home in a nautical theme and the seaside will come to you.

To get that relaxed coastal feeling, you need to recreate the coastal colours like pale blue, cobalt, turquoise, teal, royal blue or sapphire. Try having walls in one of these blues and a white border. Dark wood furniture will compliment these colours well, so try a dark finished oak dresser or bed frame in the bedroom with matching wardrobe. Shades of greens also work well if you stay on the cooler and darker end of the spectrum. Colours to try are Celadon, emerald, jade, Persian green, midnight green and of course sea green. Striped curtains in one of these shades will compliment the look nicely.

In the living room try a set of beige or tan sofas with teal cushions. Adding a bit of red can also bring the room to life, so try a red lampshade, curtains or mirror, while still keeping to the blues and greens as the main colours. Stick to the dark finished oak furniture as well. Or go for distressed furniture to add lots of character. You can buy it distressed or shop for them in garage sales and antique shops. In the kitchen go for brighter shades like white painted furniture or lighter shades of timber. Try a light pine dresser with darker trimming or a completely white sideboard.

The rest is about adding details with a nautical theme; think seashells, boats, light houses and stones. There is special flooring that gives the illusion of walking on a pebbled floor that would be great in the kitchen or living room. Have models of boats as decoration on shelves and tables. Use starfish to decorate a mirror or edges of tables. Small statues of light houses also work well. It’s quite fashionable to take an old rowboat and convert it into shelves or a covered bench. It’s really all in the colours and the detail that will make your home a nostalgic coastal home.

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