Sunday, 7 June 2009

Court Invasion at the Men's French Open Final

Robin Soderling has made a slighly nervous start to his French Open Final, with experienced champion Roger Federer taking advantage and comfortably winning the first set. Unfortunately, with Federer 2 games to 1 up in the second set and Soderling serving, there has just been a court invasion, with a spectator dressed in bright red running on in front of Federer and waving a flag. The person then went up to Federer and appeared to attempt to put the flag around Federer's neck, before court security ran on, and the invader fled around the back of the court and then proceeded to jump over the net before being rugby tackled to the ground by waiting security on Soderling's side of the court, and being carried off by three security officials. Let us hope that this unfortunate incident does not put Federer off his game as it must have been very disconcerting for the tennis star.

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