Friday, 5 June 2009

Eric Cantona on Jonathon Ross

Looking for Eric

Eric Cantona was a guest of Jonathon Ross tonight, promoting his new film Looking for Eric, released 12th June, which tells the story of a postman going through a difficult time, who is given the strength to make it through by none other than footballing genius Eric Cantona. There were evidently a few Man United fans in the audience, as there was many a cheer when Eric talked about his time at the Club, saying it was one of the best times of his life. If you miss the French football legend, you can buy Cantona Shirts from Subside Sports. Eric will have a lot to live up to if his acting career is going to be as successful as his footballing career, but we wish him every success, and perhaps he will take inspiration from another guest on tonight's Jonathon Ross show, none other than Dustin Hoffmann, who was also promoting a new film, the romantic comedy Last Chance Harvey, which is released today, 5th June.

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