Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday Highlights from Glastonbury

More lovely stuff from Glastonbury, and great coverage from the BBC on their highlights programme. The Prodigy had the crowd rocking, with high energy performances from Liam and Keith, bright lights and bad language. The crowd loved it. It was good to see Blur return to the stage, it was as if they had never been away. Damon Albarn still has a passion for Fred Perry T-shirts, Alex James' other job is now a cheese farmer and Graham Coxon reminded us all just how good a guitarist he is. A big favourite with the crowd was Song 2, but our favourite has always been Country House, and Blur performed some more sedate numbers too, such as Beetlebum, and there was a rendition of Park Life which was also a crowd pleaser.

As we write this, Nick Cave, dressed in a smart three piece suit with flared trousers and a shirt with massive collars, is bringing his unique songs to the Glastonbury audience, whose flags are swaying along sedately underneath an orange sunset. One of the accompanying Bad Seeds guitarists has a ridiculously small electric guitar. Early we saw indie rock favourites the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, with their lead singer wearing brightly coloured leggings and an arty shawl/wrap, which was thrown off dramatically midway through one of their songs. This band has a great sound so we can almost forgive the guitarist destroying his guitar at the end of the set. Bat for Lashes is now performing, dressed in a sparkly rainbow sequin top, black lace gloves and purple leggings. She's singing "Daniel", which we believe is baseed on her childhood love of the Karate Kid, great song anyway. Lauren Laverne tells us Bat For Lashes has shamanic influences, which might explain why her keyboardist has a black crow stuck on their instrument.

Other performers at Glastonbury were Madness, with the band all wearing black shades and getting what we assume to be members of the crowd up on stage to dance in that distinctive Madness style. Welsh singer Tom Jones was also there singing Delilah, choosing a blue Satin suit for his performance, a blue satin shirt and his customary medallion.

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