Sunday, 7 June 2009

Yasmina Siadatan is the Winner of The Apprentice 2009

Congratulations go to Yasmina Siadatan who has won The Apprentice 2009. In his summing up, Sir Alan Sugar said he was concerned that rival Kate Walsh may only be about sales and presentation. However, as we have discovered, it is difficult to second-guess the leading British businessman, as we thought Kate would be the winner, but perhaps it was the price point of £13 for her box of Choc d'Amour chocolates that Sir Alan couldn't stomach. We are continually surprised by how many of the apprentice candidates forget that Sir Alan Sugar built his electronics empire by an intense focus on low costs, so any appreciation of the importance of low prices is likely to go down very well with him. Prices are of course critical in managing to sell products, and this is a lesson we've learnt when selling on the internet, which is why our main websites are the price comparison sites DropCost and Low Prices. Consumers are incredibly price savvy and they simply won't buy a product unless they know they are getting a good deal, and if a product is priced too far away from its competing products, it's pretty terrible for sales volume.

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Mr Christopher said...

Agreed! One hell of a show though.