Friday, 26 June 2009

Lady Gaga Outfits at Glastonbury 2009

We're just watching the excellent BBC3 coverage of Glastonbury 2009, and enjoying the energetic performance by the talented Lady Gaga. Not only is this girl a great singer, she is also clearly a fashion trendsetter, and has her own maverick and adventurous style. The first outfit we saw was a metallic silver creation, with angular features creating a human sculpture piece somewhat reminiscent of art school creations, finished off with a Venetian mask made of mirror tiles. The next Lady Gaga outfit was a short red pvc dress, with studs like bullets on the shoulder straps, gold buttons or bead detailing, red fishnet tights, red fingerless gloves and finished with high heeled boots (possibly rubber boots, not sure).

Of Lady Gaga's entourage, her bare chested drummer looked a bit like Iggy Pop, and her dancers were dressed in a bondage style, (black leather straps over the chest and fingerless leather gloves).

The next unique Gaga outfit was a metallic bra contraption that shot flames like sparklers with Flash Gordonesque shoulder arches and a black leather corset. Then it was down to just a pink pvc bra and kinckers combo, with matchling light pink stilettos for her hit song "Poker Face".

Here at we love Lady Gaga's energy, she busts some great moves, and we love her original fashion sense. This is the new Queen of Pop and she was rocking the Glastonbury Crowd. Oh, and her guitarist is quite handy too.

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