Sunday, 7 June 2009

Funny Quotes from the Apprentice Final

Some funny quotes from The Apprentice Final 2009:

Alan Sugar, "You're a profit [James], it turns out I was Willie Wonker at the chocolate factory".
Contestant James, "I think I've got Lorraine's gift".

"I would love to do business with Kate", Jonathon Ross.

"She [Kate] reminds me of a barbie doll", Ruby Wax.

"He [Philip] can share a box of Choc d'Amour with me anyday of the week", Kate.

"My real highlight, and who wouldn't get a little frisson from it, to be ticked off by the lofty and beautiful Deborah. That was a moment of some excitement." Nick, Sir Alan's right hand man.

... and now some serious ones:

"Those two girls are fantastic, it would take my team months to do that,"
Unnamed European Chocolate Marketing Director.

"Price, packaging, presentation and adverts [is what counts] ... the chocolate thing is yeah we'll get that right", Sir Alan Sugar on chocolate marketing.

"She's gone into that task and thought to herself ... I'm going to make sure my costs are low and I'm going to try and sell at the highest price, you know any businessman will tell you that's all you need", Sir Alan Sugar on business.

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