Wednesday, 10 June 2009

England v Andorra Result

BLOG UPDATE! Our prediction was correct!! England have beaten Andorra 6-0, with goal scorers and times as follows:

Wayne Rooney 4', Frank Lampard 29', Wayne Rooney 39', Germaine Defoe 73', 76', Peter Crouch 81'

See the rest of our blog for individual goal reporting that we made live during the match.

Original blog entry continues: Our prediction for the England v Andorra result is a 6-0 victory for England.

Beckham is starting the match so Capello obviously likes to have some experience in his team and we've always thought that Beckham is excellent for team morale. Wayne Rooney is playing just off Peter Crouch, a position that he loves. The front four for England is Walcott, Beckham, Lampard, Gerrard. It's also good to see that England fans have made it through the London Tube Strike to reach the game.

We'll update this blog post with the result as soon as we have it.

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